The Final Move to Your New Tropical Home

You’ll be the envy of all your friends after deciding to move to a new tropical paradise. All moves can be rough, regardless of your end location. When moving to tropical places, you’ll face interesting and new challenges that may have seemed outlandish prior to the moves. Before setting your decision in stone, consider the following major points.

Hurricane Protection

It’d be silly to move somewhere new without taking the proper precautions in case of natural disasters.  Upon moving to a tropical location, make sure you have considered how to react in case of flooding or hurricanes. Tropical storms, depending on the place, can cause massive amounts of damage to unsuspecting homes. They could even destroy the new house you bought or fill the basement with water. Put provisions in place such as insurance, flood barriers, and supplies in case you have a particularly intense storm that leaves you stranded without electricity.

Plan An Escape Route

In addition to procuring the physical materials you would need in the event of a tropical storm, you and your family should also create an emergency response plan. In case of a bad storm striking, find out how to evacuate within local ordinances. Then engineer a backup plan in case the original plan falls through. Remember to explain everything thoroughly to your children and to include your pets in your preparations as well.

Maintaining Connections

Chances are, everyone you know and love isn’t joining you on the move − whether they like it or not. As a result, make sure you have procedures set up to keep in contact. Even if you want to maintain a rustic vibe, keep a television or receive a newspaper subscription to stay current on events happening around the world. A slingbox is a great way to still watch what’s on back in your previous location while in the comfort of your new house. If phone calls are going to be expensive, you might want to find another way to communicate with your family and friends back home. Use Skype and other web-based communication services to stay connected with people on the web.

The Basics

When you’re moving to a tropical destination, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget about what it takes to succeed. For example, it’s easy to grab a job before you move, but excelling at that job without being distracted by your new surroundings will be a harder task.  Unless you’ve been saving until this move, it’s unlikely that you’ll get to lie around on the beach for weeks on end. If you put the gears in motion for your new life before you and your family arrive at your new beach home you’ll be thousands more stress-free on the day of the move.

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