The Five Critters that Can do the Most Damage to Your House

The Five Critters that Can do the Most Damage to Your HouseThe five worst pests for the average household are termites, carpenter ants, rodents, stinging insects, and small wildlife like bats.


Termites and carpenter ants are both drawn to wood, but for different reasons. Termites eat wood, especially that softened by moisture, including the wood used to build your house. Carpenter ants create tunnels and nests in wood, leaving piles of shavings behind. Typically if you see piles of wood shavings, you are dealing with carpenter ants rather than termites. Carpenter ants like to eat the same food people do, and if one finds out there is good stuff nearby, they will spread the word and soon there will a visible stream of them headed to your house to set up camp.


Rodents like mice and rats will chew right through wires of all kinds. This can cause many problems, including fire. They also chew through plastic and even soft concrete. Mice are especially curious and won’t stop with a snack in the kitchen – they will help themselves to soap, books, and pet food. Rats will come after food, but some will actually burrow into the ground beneath your home, destabilizing the foundation. Both rodents spread disease and multiple rapidly.


Stinging insects can cause problems for the whole family, including pets. Generally beneficial insects, they must be controlled and removed when they invade your property. There is a high risk of stings and allergic reactions. Don’t wait around on a stinging insect problem, especially if the nest is attached to your house in some way. The more they settle in, the more territorial and aggressive they become.


Small wildlife can be a big problem in a house. Bats are especially problematic, since they carry rabies. They will fly right in an open window or door. Do not touch a bat. A bat’s teeth are tiny, and if you are bitten you may not know it. Try to seal it in a single area and stay out of that area. According to Dave’s Pest Control in Worcester, a bat can be dangerous to deal with on your own so be sure to call some sort of expert. Other small wildlife pests include squirrels and raccoons. A gray squirrel can causes hundreds of dollars in damage in moments in a mad panic to find a way out if it falls down your chimney. A raccoon might wander in and then tear your house apart in a search for food or a way out.

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