The Importance of Having a Good Home Inspection

Buying a home will likely be one of the biggest investments that you ever make so you should therefore be sure that you have a good home inspection done on the home before you commit to buy it. Home inspection agents will come out to the home you are considering and look over anything and everything to ensure you really are getting what you are paying for.

After all, just because a home looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean it isn’t ready to fall apart. There may be unseen damage that neither you nor the seller can see. But the trained eye of a home inspector agent will see things that might otherwise get overlooked.

The home inspection agent that you hire will look for all types of trouble, both obvious and the not so obvious. This means they will look for potential problems in the electric, the plumbing, the structure, and more. A good home inspection agent will get on the roof, go in the attic, and really get down and dirty to make certain that the home you are looking at is worth what you are willing to pay for it.

One of the things that home inspection agents are trained to look for is code violations. These violations may not be violations that are being done on purpose, but as time goes on, codes change. So, the owner may not be aware that they are out of code in certain areas.

However, if you purchase a home that is out of code in any area and it is later found out to in fact be out of code, you will be the one who has to pay for the update. Add that to possible fines that can be levied and the oversight could prove to be extremely costly.

Should the home inspection agent find something wrong with your potential home purchase you will know about it in the detailed inspection report that you get when the inspection is completed. You will not only know what is wrong with the home, but your home inspection agent will likely tell you how big a deal anything they find wrong might be.

Knowing what is wrong allows you to address the situation with the current owner. You can either ask the home owner to fix all the problems or use the information to your advantage at negotiation time and seek a lower price due to the repairs you will have to conduct.

It should be noted that some home sellers will resist a home inspection. If this is the case with your potential home purchase don’t hesitate, run away. Any home owner who won’t allow a home inspection at your expense likely has something to hide and you just shouldn’t take the chance.

The last thing you want to see is your dream home purchase turn into a nightmarish money pit. Instead of going to the closing table with any sort of anxiety and the possibility of home buyer remorse, know you are protected by having a good home inspection conducted first. While it will cost you money to have done, a good home inspection can save you thousands in the end and is well worth it.  Read home inspection company reviews to find a good service in your area.

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