The Signs of Pestilence: How to Keep the Bugs Out this Spring

Spring is a beautiful time. And it is also the time when pests start to emerge from hiding places and breed. Bugs at this time are aggressively looking for food, shelter, and a place to start multiplying. An unprepared home is often the first target of pests. Several tips will help homeowners to keep bugs out this spring.

The Signs of Pestilence How to Keep the Bugs Out this Spring

Keep the House Exceptionally Clean

The very first step is to keep the house exceptionally clean at all times. If bugs like ants, beetles or roaches cannot find a food source, they are less likely to try to establish a colony in the home. Food should be in sealed containers and not left out on counters. Food waste should be in trash bins with lids. The floors should be swept and vacuumed regularly.


Clean Outside the Home

Many pests spend winter outside hibernating or growing as grubs. They will swarm towards the heat and safety of the home in spring. Homeowners should clean the property as soon as possible. Debris should be thrown away. Tools, piles of wood or mulch should not be touching the side of the home. Plants should be pruned back so that nothing is within two to three feet of the house.


Check and Replace Insulation

Old or damaged insulation can often contribute to bug problems. The insulation in attics, walls, and basements should be checked to make sure it is in good condition. Damaged, compressed, or worn insulation should be replaced immediately. Replacing insulation can actually help to protect the home against pest infestations in the spring. Getting a spray foam from a company like Reitzel insulation in Toronto can also help to keep out unwanted guests because the foam fills in the cracks in cement that may be letting in rodents and insects.


Seal All Possible Entry Points

Bugs can get into the house through small cracks or gaps that form in the winter. These gaps can appear around pipes leading outside, windows, doors and vents. It is best to go around the home and search for these potential entry points. Any gaps should be sealed with caulk or another substance. Fine steel wool can be used to plug larger holes around pipes.


Repair or Replace Screens

Most homes have screens in windows and sometimes sliding doors. There could even be screens over your outdoor vents. The smallest hole in the screen or around the frame can become a highway for bugs to enter. All screens should be checked thoroughly. Any damaged screens should be repaired or replaced right away.


The key to keeping bugs out this spring is to take action fast. Bugs will start marching towards the house as soon as the weather is warm enough during the day. Ignoring your home protection and maintenance could allow an infestation to build unnoticed. Action is needed as soon as spring arrives to keep bugs at bay.

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