The Ten Things Most Commonly Damaged in a Move

Be advised that if you’re planning a move from one house to another, the chances are high that at least one of your possessions will turn up damaged after it’s all said and done. These are some of the most commonly damaged items during moves. While moving, pay extra attention to these types of items to avoid an expensive disaster.fragile


Antiques only sustain more wear and tear as they age, and a moving process can be the end all – be all of a historical piece. Pack antiques away separately for the move with proper packaging materials.

Large Televisions

Large televisions are great for relaxation, but in truth, they are extremely fragile and highly breakable. Enlist the help of another person when moving a large TV to minimize the chance of a drop.


Because tables have awkward, protruding legs, they are easily damaged by accidentally hooking in doorways and other tight spots. If the table can be disassembled, do so to prevent major damage to the item (and house).


Mirrors often go unnoticed during moves, but they are likely some of the most breakable objects that can be transported. If you can, pack your mirrors using pillows for support.


It might seem obvious, but glass and china sustain lots of damage during moves. Wrap these valuables in newspaper and use packing foam to keep them in place while moving.

Art Pieces

Because art pieces are awkward in shape, it can be hard to transport them without risking damage. Pay special attention to your packing method when moving fragile works of art.


Like tables, chairs have protruding legs that can cause problems during a move. If the chair can be disassembled, it would be a good idea to do so to eliminate the chance of it sustaining damage.


Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your alcohol collection during your move. It might help to personally move your alcohol, instead of mixing it in with your other possessions.

Computer Parts

Computer parts are all fragile and breakable in their own ways. Use care and sturdy packing materials when moving computer parts.


Lastly, don’t forget about your plants when planning for a smooth move. Plants are also better left to be transported by themselves to ensure that they aren’t disturbed by other items.

Because moving is a tricky process that can result in expensive damages, many people turn to moving companies. Companies like Main Street Movers are dedicated to eliminating the hassle and stress of moving your essentials from one place to another with care and consideration.

Overall, if you plan on moving your own items during your move, make a checklist to account for all of your possessions, and take the proper precautions to prevent damage by using the right types of packing foams and moving boxes with care.

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