The Top Ten Greenest Homes in the World

Environmentally-friendly, or “green”, homes around the world serve as role models for how the rest of society should strive to live, as conservation is the biggest theme of this generation. Here is a list of the top ten greenest homes in the world.


Straw Bale House – Scottsdale, AZ

The first ever modern-day home built of straw bale. This material is green because it is made of straw, which is a renewable resource that grows quickly, does not cause habitat loss when harvested, and is insulating, lowering energy usage. It is surprisingly strong and long-lasting, making for a safe and sturdy residence.


PC-1 Residence by Pb Elemental – Seattle, WA

The PC-1 home is named for its political correctness. It brings a wave of fresh ideas surrounding sustainable construction using green materials to the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. Built of polycarbonate sheets, which are made using minimal use of energy during processing. The home also features bamboo floors and LED lighting.


Olle Cabin – Sonoma County, CA

This home is constructed entirely from salvaged and reclaimed materials – one of the most environmentally friendly building techniques. It also gives the home a lot of charm and character. Using solar power from infinite energy source – the sun – this home’s residents gain solar power rebates from the government as an incentive.


Pump House – Lake Eerie, OH

Making use of an old building is super environmentally friendly. By transforming an old, unused pump house on Lake Eerie, into a cozy and ecologically friendly home, the lead architect on this project has made it to the top ten green homes in the world.


Hong Kong Space Saver – Hong Kong

In massively overcrowded metropolises like Hong Kong, space is at a premium. This space-saving apartment is built with the latest green materials and techniques – bamboo floors, LED lights, and low flow toilets. By utilizing small space in a smart way, this home maintains a low carbon footprint.


Eco-House – Hamburg, Germany

Designed as an ultra-modern box home with open spaces inviting communal sharing space and bonding relationships between home residents, this house is certifiably green. Walls and floors are made from environmentally friendly wood, harvested in a way that does not cause habitat degradation.


Blacksmith Home – Toronto, Canada

An 800 square foot former blacksmith shop was bought by a Toronto resident and redesigned into a home in the heart of the city. Reformed with responsibly harvested wood and outfitted with low-energy appliances, this home is hip and modern while being green.


New Paltz Dome – New York City, NY

Designed to rotate towards the sun in the winter, and away from it in the summer, this energy efficient home is designed to look like a flying saucer or clam shell. Other green features are bamboo floors and reclaimed materials.


Sonoran Desert Eco-Home – Sonoran Desert, USA

Designed by an engineer and inventor, this home was built with minimal impact to its surrounding fragile desert habitat. The roof is planted with desert plants, which works to replace displaced desert, as well as keep the home cooler in the desert heat.


Solar Dream Home – Lake Tahoe

While it is rather large at 3,400 square feet, this home reduces its carbon footprint through the use of innovative technologies like solar powering and energy-saving features such as sturdy insulation.

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