They’ve Left the Nest: 5 Ideas on What to do With That New Spare Room

Of course you love your children, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t breathe a little sigh of relief when they are on their own! Kids who move out can leave a bit of a hole in your heart, but you will discover that you do not need to keep their room as an inviolate shrine. If you need a place to put your kids stuff after they move out,self storage in Palo Alto or your local area is a great option to look into. So put their things away and get creative!

Meditation Room

Are you someone who has always craved a little more peace in your life? You’ll find that turning that new spare room into a meditation room is something that can help you get it! Clear everything out, paint the walls a soft and pretty color that you love and slowly start bringing in things that make you feel at peace. A little water fountain, some beautiful rocks and a hand-woven rug might make a for a lovely way for you to move ahead.

Room updates


If you love the idea of adding a bit of class to your home, why not consider making your child’s room a library? A library can hold your favorite books, giving the walls a bit of warmth, and you can even add a small amount of antique charm to the room by looking for high-backed wing chairs, old fashioned secretary desks and gorgeous old rugs.

Media Room

If you want to keep your living room for social matters, why not turn your child’s old room into a media room? Mount a flat screen television up on the wall, install some nice seating and a simple stereo system, sit down and have your own fantastic movie night whenever you like!


Now that your child is out of the home, are you ready to take on a a small business? All you need to start a business is a computer, a phone line and a desk, so why not turn their old room into the office for your personal dream job? This is also a great way to make sure that you have space to write, if you are a writer.

Crafting Area

Are you someone who loves to sew? Do you make lampwork beads in your spare time, or has your yarn stash gotten truly out of hand? No matter what you make, you will find that it does not take very long before the supplies that you use get out of hand! Consider turning your child’s old room into a crafting storage area and using it to keep yourself organized.

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