Three Bug Infestation Problems that Will Cost You if Not Prevented

It’s just a fact of life: bug infestations happen. Fortunately, pest control is just a short call away. If you’ve noticed something at home that looks like a bug infestation, call an exterminator today. Anybody can fall victim to a bug infestation. If you do nothing, it could do real damage to your home. Pest control starts with identifying the kind of bug that’s doing the damage.


Termites eat the wooden members of your home, and they do not discriminate what wood they eat. They will gobble up your framing members at the same rate they eat the siding. It is not a good idea to leave wood lying around the yard, because it attracts termites. Home support beams may crumble in your hand before you ever realize the bugs are there.

Use treated wood in structures, put up metal barriers to termites or poison the ground around existing structures to ward off termites. The only effective way to handle the problem is call professionals. Exterminators envelope the structure in a tent and fumigate it, killing the termites.

Carpenter Antsant

There are over a dozen carpenter ant species, and they are all pests. You will find them under or around shingles, siding, joists and sills. They bore through wood to get to other food sources like good-tasting insects. Call the exterminator.

Though the damage is often secondary in severity, do not take carpenter ants lightly. If their presence goes ignored, many more ants will arrive to join the party and destroy your home.

Bed bugs

It turns out there are drawbacks to living in a community with an airport: Bed bugs. Bed bugs climb into luggage and arrive to set up shop in your home. They will invade even if you keep your home immaculately clean. They live in dark areas and are sometimes difficult to see, but they leave bug feces on the bed. Throw back the sheets at a hotel to inspect for bed bugs.

Bed bugs consume blood. You will know you have a bed bug problem because they bite. Chemical sprays and high heat can kill bed bugs, but if you do suffer an infestation in your home, call an exterminator and let professionals get rid of your problem.


Bug infestations are no fun, but with constructive steps, you can solve them. There are professional services like Pest Control in Spring Texas that can address your problem. Take care of your bug infestation before it gets out of hand.

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