Three Simple Home Solutions to Reduce the Stress in Your Life

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With cell phones beeping at us, cars honking around us in heavy traffic, and impatient people in the grocery store, the stress of every day life can raise our blood pressure. But when we come home, a calm environment should allow us to take a deep breath and relax. Here are three simple ways to help you turn your home into an oasis of relaxation.


Slow cooked meals are a great way to infuse the home with the aroma of spices and food. Comfort food feeds us physically, but also settle our anxieties. You don’t need a big crock pot to get started, just a simple small one will work. Put in enough chicken to feed your family, a chicken bullion cube and enough water to cover the chicken and turn it on low for about 6 hours. When you come home your house will smell like your moms did growing up and your stress can melt away as you chow down on a delicious dinner.


In today’s world where people are everywhere, it is okay to create a a little privacy in your home so you can focus on just your family or your own thoughts. Pull the curtains closed, close the blinds, or if you live in the country, install vinyl fences. The idea is not to shut out the world, just get some peace and quiet by not letting it infiltrate your own private home. The light and noise will be buffered with the barrier allowing for relaxation. Putting up a barrier between your living area and the outside will also keep warmth in, adding to your relaxing evening.

Relaxing Sound 

Certain sounds can add stress such as a crying baby or phones ringing off the hook, but soothing sounds can help us relax. Invest in piano music, harp music, or the sounds of nature such as babbling brooks, rivers, or birds chirping; this can be done through purchasing digital music, Cd’s or small fountains. Some cable channels even play soft music without commercials. Listening to an hour of relaxing music can calm the mind of its stresses and fill it with melodious sound.

These are just a few ideas of reducing stress, if you have your own favorite ways of relaxing, then try adding one of these ideas to your methods. Whatever you do, just remember to take time to relax each day so can reduce the overall stress in your life.

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