Time for a Home Remodel? How Incorporate the Classiest Designs of the Decade

When it’s time to remodel your home, it can be difficult to include everything that you want. Take a deep breath and remember: it is your remodel. If you’re still stuck on ideas, incorporating classy designs might be something to look at.

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Open Floor

One way to incorporate a classy design is to have an open floor plan for the living room, kitchen and dining room. This opens up the entire room, and means you can keep an eye on guests or children in one of the other rooms. Dark hardwood flooring and a fireplace take the idea even further. By opening up the floor plan and allowing the spaces to meld into one another, a timeless look is achieved.


Another way to make a classy design part of your home is to find a piece of classy furniture that has been made modern. A chaise lounge chair or a glider is one way to do this. Other classy furniture includes a chandelier light (even if it has few things that hang from it, it’s classy) and neutral colors. However, the furniture, colors, and lighting you chose have to complement the build of your home. If you have low ceilings and purchase lighting that has long cords, you’ll be hitting your head. Not too classy. If you’re unsure of what kind of cord might be too long, call an expert like Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel.


If you have a curving or spiral staircase, take advantage of it. Accent it with iron bars or dark wood that matches another accent in the house. However, if your floors are lighter and you don’t plan on changing that, stick with lighter colors on the steps too. What you purchase really makes a statement about you and your style.

Floor Accessories

Putting a rug down over the hard wood is another classy look. However, this doesn’t mean hiring someone to come in and put down carpet. It means buying an area rug. The shape depends on where the rug will be used. If it’s in a child’s room, go spunky. If it’s in the foyer, a narrow rectangle might do the trick. Even a simple circular rug in the living room can make the room classier with minimal effort on your part.


Complimentary colors can make or break the room. Getting the right colors is another important step in achieving the classy look. For instance, you wouldn’t paint a room yellow with purple strips; you would use purple and green or yellow and pale blue. In-between colors are harder to match (like pink and orange), but it can be done.

By taking everything into consideration, you make it easier on yourself to create a classy look in the room you’re remodeling.

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