TIme To Remodel? 5 Ways To Make The Process An Easy One

DIY at HomeRemodeling can be a stressful and frustrating time for a homeowner. Ideas that seemed good at the time later turn out to be nightmares that cannot be escaped from until the next remodeling date. There are ways you can make the process an easy one for yourself, your contractor and your family.

Plan Carefully

Measure all the rooms on your remodeling list. Include the doors, windows, outlets and light fixtures. Make several copies of your room drawings. Take the time to draw out your remodeling ideas on the forms. Use colored pencils to designate different items. Make as many plans as you like; pin or tape them to the wall in the designated rooms. You can choose the plans that suit you the best; you will not waste money having something redone during the remodel. Change Lighting To LED or CFL

CFL lights use less power than incandescent bulbs. LED lights use a fraction of the power amount to provide the same amount of light. Think under cabinet lighting, in closets and the rooms. The energy savings will help offset the costs over time.

Think Solar For Outside Lighting

Solar lights are widely available and use no grid power at all. Install motion-detector security lights on the sides, entry doors and the front of the driveway. The lights are bright and operate even in the event of power failures. Solar walkway lights ensure you can see where you are walking at night. Solar garden stakes are manufactured in dozens of different colors and shapes to enhance your landscaping.

Correct Uneven Floors Without Major Slab Repairs

Over time, some concrete slabs will settle slightly. If the slab is in good condition, self leveling concrete can be used to make a floor even. Once it cures, the room can be remodeled without additional work. This is used most often on patios that are transformed into outdoor rooms. It can be used in interior rooms as well.

Consider Metal Roofing For Energy Savings

Metal roofs today are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, shapes and coatings. Choose a model with a UV-reflective coating to help keep the attic cooler, thus lowering energy costs. Metal roofs can last over 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance.

When you choose products that save energy, they will pay for themselves in accumulated savings. Products that save time by requiring little to no upkeep save frustration, labor and time that you can spend on yourself.

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