Top Reasons To Install A Water Feature Outdoors

Water features can be beneficial for both public and private spaces. Not only are they attractive to look at but they have also been shown to reduce stress. This makes them a great choice for creating a private backyard retreat. There is something extremely calming about the sound of water that can instantly relieve the stress of the day and put you in a better mood. This can be beneficial for your health. Here are some of the other benefits that outdoor water features have to offer:

  1. The sound of water can relieve stress.

There is a reason why water features are so popular in meditation spaces. It is because the sound of moving water is extremely beneficial for stress relief. It naturally relaxes the body and the mind, helping to reduce the stress response in the body and instantly putting you at ease. If you live in a busy area you realise that outdoor fountains help eliminate unwanted noises.

Water fountains that are installed in outdoor spaces are the perfect way to take advantage of the stress-relieving properties of water. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on a warm summer evening listening to the gentle sound of running water. It can also be beneficial for blocking out unwanted noise from the surrounding area. It is much more soothing to listen to the sound of running water than it is to listen to a dog furiously barking nearby or to the sound of traffic whizzing by on the street.

  1. Water features can attract birds.

Birds are naturally drawn to water. Not only can an outdoor water feature provide them with a source of drinking water but it can also serve as the perfect place for them to bathe. Even birds that don’t traditionally eat out of bird feeders will take advantage of fountains or outdoor water features. There is something about the running water that they are naturally attracted to. The sound of the water can attract a wide variety of birds ranging from robins and warblers to orioles and thrushes.

  1. Most pets enjoy fountains.

A backyard fountain can act as a great water source for a pet. Most animals love running water and prefer to drink it over standing water. When you have a fountain in your yard, it provides an excellent place for dogs and cats to drink. Just make sure that the water in the fountain has not been treated with any chemicals. One of the primary benefits of allowing your pets to drink out of a fountain is that the water stays fresh far longer than water in a bowl or dish. That means that you will need to change it out less frequently.

  1. Fountains can draw in more customers for businesses.

Installing a fountain outside of your business can help create an attractive appearance that naturally draws more people in. Most people judge businesses by the way they look from the street. Having a fountain can help dramatically improve the curb appeal of your business. It can even help you beat out your competition. Imagine if you were thinking about eating at a café. You found two cafés that were located right next to one another. One of them offered outdoor seating with a beautiful fountain located nearby. The other had a cramped indoor dining room. Which would you rather eat at? It goes without saying that most people would choose the business that had a fountain.

  1. Fountains provide both physical and mental health benefits.

A water feature can help increase humidity levels in extremely dry areas. It can also remove unwanted airborne contaminants from the immediate vicinity, helping to improve air quality. Water has also been shown to generate negative ions. Some scientists believe that these negative ions can positively impact both the body and the mind.

For instance, there is a theory that negative ions can boost the production of serotonin. This can help give you more energy and can also reduce symptoms of depression. All types of moving water have been shown to produce negative ions, making them a great addition to your space.

  1. Water features can create a balanced space.

Anyone who practices feng shui can tell you that water features are extremely beneficial for creating balance in a space. They can improve the energy flow of any area. For instance, if the fountain is placed in front of the house with the water flowing towards the property, it brings a sense of abundance and good fortune to the space. Water is one of the main elements of feng shui, which is why it is so important to find ways to incorporate it into your space. An outdoor water feature is a wonderful way to do just that.

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