Triumph Property Management

Triumph Property Management services includes basic functions such as tenant screening and retention, random property inspections, property maintenance, collection of rents, maintenance contracting, and supervision. Their mission is to provide professional real estate and management services to valued clients, individual property owners, investors and developer of properties.

Triumph Property Management
9030 W Sahara Ave. Suite 668
Las Vegas, NV 89117

8 thoughts on “Triumph Property Management”

  1. Lisa Morgan says:

    Avoid this company if you are a property owner.He will take your money and not provide you service.Doesn’t return phone calls or emails.Will charge you fees after I asked to be notified ahead of time.Allowed tenant to remain in property after November1st after I terminated her lease.He doesn’t know if she moved out yet.It’s Dec10th.I asked for keys and he doesn’t know where they are and no rent for Dec or return of deposit has been made to me yet. He actually was offended that I was upset and now I have an attorney on it. No one in the office can help you and numerous times he told me has other properties to manage.

  2. Hang Tram says:

    As a tenant they treated me very fairly and in fact reduced my rent asking price bc they understood the tough economy. Before I moved in they made sure to inspect my new residence to make sure that all appliances, heating and A/C, plumbing, and electrical are satisfactory. They even went the extra mile to clean the unit. Thank you Triumph. I will stay with you for as long as I will not buy a home 🙂

  3. Velvette says:

    I am very happy with Triumph Property Management. I do not work close to my home I am renting, but I do not want to move, because the home, and people are great! If I ever have any questions, they actually call me back, and are very nice and helpful. I am happy to say that their maintence team is really helpful too! I just signed my second year lease, and am blessed to have a happy home:) I encouage everyone to use them:) If I had the money I would send everyone in that office Starbucks gift cards:) Thanks guys! I did not know where to write a review, but I wanted you to know you do your job well, and thank you:)

  4. Jason Michaels says:

    This is hands down the worst property management company I have ever dealt with as a tenant. Their maintenance division is absolutely terrible, which I believe is a direct reflection of their maintenance manager. Our air conditioner broke this summer during the hottest month of the year (110 degrees), and we called them to get it repaired. This “stellar” company doesn’t work on the weekends, so no one answered our emergency. Instead we called a professional to come and repair it. That following Monday my wife left a message with their maintenance manager, Daniel, letting him know we would be deducting the bill from our rent. THREE DAYS later Daniel calls me to set up a time to get our air conditioner fixed. Seriously? I asked him two questions… 1) IF our AC was still broken, why did it take him four business days to call back to get an emergency repair done?, and 2) How often does he check his voicemail? His response was they were a busy office that didn’t have time to handle deal with tenant issues. Hmmmm… I thought that was his job as the maintenance manager. So we sent the invoice in with our rent check the following month and an explanation as to what happened and why the rent check was deducted. Three months later we receive a notice saying we owed them money and back penalties for our rent being short. When I called and spoke to the manager, he had no record of our contracted air conditioning maintenance. We resent them the invoice as well as another explanation. This is an office of five people. You would think the left hand would know what the right hand is doing, or at a minimum hire competent people to work for you if you’re going to be managing millions of dollars of property. As a tenant, I will never rent from this company again, and as a fellow income property owner, I would not recommend this company to anyone looking for a property management company.

  5. FarhadY says:

    I, as an investor in Las Vegas own multiple investment properties and have made acquaintance with TRIUMPH PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. I am very happy with my overall performance received from TRIUMPH. My return of income was very low compared to managing my properties on my own vs having a professional company running my show. I am pleased since they are my eyes and ears in Las Vegas and I can reply on them with dealing with non sophisticated tenants. Thank you!

  6. Monochi says:

    Very pool management! Can’t say they’re stealing your money yet but definitely not doing their job. Takes too long to find tenants. Never reply phone calls and takes days to reply emails with useless answers. They refuse to get quotes from diff other companies when repair is needed but only using their “preferred” vendor, which leaves u with invoices with nothing on it!

  7. Very Angry says:

    I hired TPM service (Las Vegas) about 6 months ago. They found a renter in a decent amount of time, but that’s the extent of good service I have experienced. Since I have Home Warranty service with another company, they cover just about all problems. The bad news is TPM doesn’t look at my file and on at least 5 occasions billed me for their own repair services that would have been covered by the warranty. So this company for one is incompetent to manage anyone’s property. Next, they won’t return any money that I lost, due to their incompetence. They are crooks! Next, you can’t get a hold of them during working working hours. If you do, they will ask that they call you back, and don’t. While discussing why I didn’t receive rent money on several occasions, it’s like talking to people that are high on drugs and can’t give you an answer why. In summary, very incompetent people working there, poor customer service. And on top of that, the owner is a crook, and will not refund you your money, even if it’s clearly their fault or mistake. Avoid this company at all cost, what a big mistake I’ve made choosing them.

  8. Taken Advantageof says:

    Mightmare! Do NOT rent from them! Staff is rude and condescending and they keep all of your deposit plus you will still owe them some money even when you have documentation to prove the issue existed prior to you signing lease! BE WARE!

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