Turn Your House Into A Home: Tips To Give Your Home A More Personal Touch

How To Give Your Home A Unique Look Without Going Overboard

Creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable home goes far beyond just just furniture, rugs and color. To give a more personal touch that makes not only family members feel like home is where they want to be, but a place where guests feel welcome and comfortable too, takes a little more effort than one would think.

Create a Photo Display

There is nothing more sentimental and personal than photos of loved ones, family members, and household members. Because large wall space can be cold, emotionless, and overwhelming, this tip intends for more than just a few random pictures plastered on a wall. A great and effective way to use this space is to strategically place several large framed, canvas or frame-less photographs to create a gallery-like display for all to enjoy.

Accent a Wall

Walls can be brought to life to exude an environment of warmth and comfort. Make walls pop with some color, texture and contrast. The eye can be drawn to a certain feature of the room and accent walls can break up and divide large spaces. Use this tip to effectively set the mood, tie in styles, and make bold statements.

Window Treatment

Windows can be a powerful decorating feature in your home. Consider replacing old windows with new ones to enhance energy efficiency and aesthetics, say the experts at Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd. Once installed, window casing is a must-have to bring richness, depth, and detail to the windows. Deep sills and crown molding can make all the difference to a room by providing a clean, traditional, and custom look which will add to a personal touch of timeless beauty.

Update Your Entry-Way

The front of the home is typically the first chance to give a warm, welcoming, and personal impression of the inhabitants housed within it. Replace a flimsy, weather-beaten door with a sturdy, strong, and aesthetically-pleasing one. Beautiful doors with glass or brightly painted doors with impressive hardware can say everything about who lives inside.

Replace Interior Doors

Over time doors can come off hinges, casing can be damaged, and hardware needs to be replaced. Investing in new doors can freshen up a home, personalize the space, and improve energy efficiency. Where possible, patio doors provide elegance and a great panoramic view into another space of the home making it more open and welcoming.

Look Down

Another large area of space that brings the finishing personal touches to a home is the flooring. The old, stained carpet doesn’t give the best representation of the family. Beautiful hardwood, classic tile, and luxurious cork and bamboo flooring can do a much better job of bringing a more comfortable and intimate experience to a home.

There’s a difference in living in a house and living in a home. The home should be an extension of the household members, and should express the uniqueness and individuality of every family member.

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