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Interested in an investment property, but don’t have the time or desire to manage it? This is where can help you.  Find reviews of different management companies, find one that works for you, and let them manage your investment property.

There are many benefits to using a resource such as You have the advantage of real people giving you unbiased opinions and advice on property you might be interested in. The website is designed to assist both landlords and tenants with finding reliable property management companies. The review website allows you to rate different companies based on their performance. Tenants can rate management companies on how well they manage their home, and landlords can rate management companies on how well they handle all of their properties as a whole. With this service you get the true ratings of property management companies.

Landlords love because of how easy it makes it for landlords to find the right property management company for them. If you own property in different locations then you’re going to want to invest some time into working with a property management company. That’s why landlords love as a great resource; because you can first find out what property management companies are available where you have property, then you can look at reviews to see which one fits your style. You can also check out different companies’ track records. You want to make sure that you can rely on all the companies you affiliate with as you go about your business. It’s great to have a filter at your disposal so you can get down to business and enjoy yourself while a management company handles your property.

The great thing about is that you can search for property management companies through zip codes, helping you pinpoint companies that can help you. The website also offers you many different categories to find management companies for different types of property. Some of the residential management options include: multi-family units 2-4, single home or condo valued under $250k, and vacation 2-4 units.

Those that own commercial property can also benefit from There are also management companies that assist in the upkeep of offices, manufacturing property, and retail property. Just as there are varying search options for residential property, there is also a search option for different commercial property types such as: office under 9,999 sqft, manufacturing over 125,000 ft, and retail 10,000-125,000 ft.

Who doesn’t love to find the best of the best? Whether you own commercial or residential property, or you want to find a reliable management company to rent from, this property management review site is great for you.

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