Wallace F. Ackley, Co.

The Wallace F. Ackley Company is a full service real estate property management and brokerage firm operating exclusively in the greater metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio bounded by Powell, Ohio to the North, Grove City, Ohio to the South, Granville, Ohio to the East and London, Ohio to the West. Since 1929 the Wallace F. Ackley Company has been a local leader in the real estate industry providing real estate expertise in property management, leasing, sales, and development. The Company manages over 2,400 rental units ranging from single family apartment homes, office buildings, warehouses, commercial properties, and farms.  Their commitment to their customers is to provide well-maintained apartment homes to live and enjoy life or quality commercial spaces situated in convenient locatons all at an affordable value for you.  Your satisfaction is their greatest concern.

Wallace F. Ackley, Co.

695 Kenwick Rd.

Columbus, OH, 43209

(614) 231-3661


1 thought on “Wallace F. Ackley, Co.”

  1. M says:

    Left us with a basement full of sewage while my husband was recovering from surgery during covid-19. That right. The sewage backed up into the basement (not our fault) with piles of toilet paper and fecal matter which is dangerous and hazardous. “Sewage contaminated water can contain a variety of bacteria and viruses. Sewer backups in the basement are smelly, messy and best left to the professionals.” But they refused. I called 4 times and got the runaround. During a pandemic, somehow our health didn’t matter. I couldn’t even clean it myself because stores are out of cleaners, gloves and masks. They wouldn’t ask the plumbers to come back and clean or send cleaners out for us. So, just remember, if you live in a Wallace f ackley home, you’re living in a place that was soaked in urine and feces for over 24 hours and a landlord who doesn’t care one bit and will stick you with the bill. Or worse.

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