Wallace & Wallace Property Management

If you are seeking or leasing a Knoxville rental property, you have come to the right place. Wallace & Wallace Inc. Property Management is the most established property management company in Knoxville area with over 73 years of experience.

Wallace & Wallace Property Management
810 Highland Dr. Ste. 504
Knoxville, TN 37912

1 thought on “Wallace & Wallace Property Management”

  1. Andrew Sexton says:

    Don’t be fooled by the fancy name!

    Just for context, I’ve rented properties multiple times over the years both from individuals and realty companies and currently own my third home. I have an outstanding credit rating and am a professional.

    I have never had such a negative experience from start to finish as I did with these clowns. If you don’t mind being consistently treated in a demeaning, condescending manner, like a presumed criminal, then rent your property here. From the lease signing until the end when they keep your security deposits by itemizing normal wear and tear and preexisting damage, you will feel like you’re dealing with a group of slum lords with a fancy name.

    When it comes to repairs and service, they are generally difficult and unpleasant, and poorly responsive. Even if you pay your rent on time and take great care of the property, you will always feel they are expecting you to behave like white trash, and they treat you accordingly.

    Ironically, given how strict and detailed the lease contract is, they failed to uphold their end of it when it came to the stated time frame for returning my deposits. It ultimately didn’t matter, since they found a way to keep most of it anyway.

    I think their focus is more on selling than renting homes. The way they operate the rental side doesn’t make much sense from that perspective, as when I was ready to buy my next home, there was no way I would have considered giving them my business.

    Bottom line, if you have decent credit and other options, steer clear of this big rip off company (each office is reported as independently operated, so there may be variability with different locations; this was the Northshore branch I dealt with) and look elsewhere. There are plenty of honest realtors who will rent to professionals and treat you with respect and fairness, as well as provide good service and value you as a renter. If you don’t have other options, or are finding it hard to avoid them because of their size and share of the rental market, at least be prepared for what to expect and approach every step of the process carefully to protect yourself.

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