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Warner Quinlan has been serving the Greater Orlando area since 1969. All their property managers are fully licensed and regularly attend continuing professional education updates to stay at the very forefront of the industry. For these reasons they are designated as PRM, Professional Residential Manager, by FARPM. This recognizes they are one of the leading property management companies not only in the region, but the state of Florida . Property managers and support staff are available virtually 24 hours a day to deal with owner & resident assistance and all the services needed to effectively lease and manage your property

Warner Quinlan Inc
3216 Corrine Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

4 thoughts on “Warner Quinlan”

  1. AKB says:

    Warner Quinlan is the worst property management company! Property managers are NOT available for your assistance in time of need. I have been completely turned off by their service and will not go through Warner Quinlan ever again.

  2. Stefan says:

    In lease negotiations, we had agreed upon a lower rent than was advertised, on the condition that we sign a two year lease, as well as paint the interior ourselves (it needed it). At the lease signing, my wife noticed first that it was a one year lease, which was quickly changed and initialed. No problem. Then things went very quickly to the back page and signing. I thought everything was fine. About an hour later, I get a call from Nicole saying I needed approximately $200 more, and she could “provide the breakdown if I needed”. Again, no big issue, I just thought it was a normal oversight. After the first month’s rent was paid, I got a call from the office saying I owed them money. I said, “No, my rent is on time, and paid in full.” The (very nice) girl said okay, and I heard nothing more.
    After two months, I get another call saying I was behind in my rent and have been each month. I was terribly perplexed. What was going on? I called Nicole, and she informed me that indeed, the lease I had signed was at the advertised rate. I was shocked, but after looking at the lease, I could see that she was correct. After changing the lease to a two year lease, they had neglected to change the rent amount as well, as I had thought. I reminded her of the situation, the agreed upon conditions, and even had my own leasing specialist (who found and negotiated all of this in the first place) contact her to back me up. I asked her to, in good faith, contact the owner and get things sorted out. I also acknowledged that indeed, I had signed the lease at that rate, but unknowingly so, trusting that all mistakes had been fixed. That since we had changed the lease to two years, that that was an indication that the amount should have been changed as well. Her response – “I sign so many of these, I don’t even remember which is which.”
    Supposedly she then checked with the homeowner and the owner said he didn’t recall any such agreement. I can hardly believe that the owner also has so many homes that were leased at the same time that even he can’t recall an agreement on rental terms!
    I told her that I was extremely unhappy about having such duplicity practiced on me, and that I also had no legal leg to stand on, because I did indeed sign my name to the paper. So I let her know, that I would be telling everyone what happened to my family, and to stay away from Warner Quinlan and their deceptive practices.
    Also: to date, my leasing agent has not been paid her referral commision. AND after we moved in, we found the previous tenant’s lease, and it was for over $400/month less than what we are paying, and had half the pet deposit. Justify that!
    (note – I still live there. I am honoring my part of the lease. Let’s see if they do the same.)

  3. Stefan says:

    This site won’t let me edit the above review so I would like to change a bit of my response. Sincew the time of writing, I have learned that Nicole is an EXCELLENT agent, who has gone to bat for me several times, despite the fact that she represents the property owner. When the owner tried to charge us for what we felt was a justified repair cost, she went out on a limb to help get the charge removed. Let it also be known that even if the charge had not been removed, I still appreciate the help she has lent, as well as her taking the time to meet with me face to face to discuss matters.
    The issue has been with the owner himself, who will not even speak directly to me to address the issues. I think his name is Mr. Lee, but not entirely sure. Keep a lookout on the property you wish to rent for that name.

  4. Jose says:

    Ive been renting from WQ Home team for almost a year now and have found them to be pretty helpful. My property manager is so busy that sometimes it is hard to get a hold of her but when I call the office directly, whoever answers the phone is always able to help me. I think that shows that they’ve got their act together since anyone in the office is able to help, and if they don’t have the answer right away they call me back as soon as they get the answer.

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