Ways To Get Your Yard Looking Great In Time For Spring

Ways To Get Your Yard Looking Great In Time For SpringBefore it is even time to jump into spring lawn maintenance, there are ways to get ready for the planting, fertilizing and shaping that comes with the season. It involves making sure the remnants of winter are gone and the lawn is prepped for seeding and other spring spruce ups.

Check for Moss/Lime

If moss starts growing on the lawn, it probably means the soil is too acidic. Liming will restore the Ph balance. Test the Ph and then adjust the amount of lime added to the lawn accordingly. There are also products designed to re-balance Ph that can be applied before spring yard work.

De-Thatch the Grass

De-thatching is another way to prevent the growth of moss on the lawn. It also promotes the overall health of the lawn. Raking in the fall will keep thatch from getting too bad, but it will still need to be done before fertilization in the spring. One way to do it is to use a sturdy metal rake. Deep penetration will help lift the thatch. Another way is to use a de-thatcher.


Unwanted vegetation can start rearing its ugly head right at the beginning of spring. If weeding is done before these plants get a chance to disperse, there will be far fewer weeds later. Simply pull up weeds during de-thatching or liming.

Remove Debris/Potential Hazards

During the winter, it is common for branches to fall off during storms. Moreover, some branches will break, but not completely fall off. Go around the yard removing already broken debris, but also survey for cracked or dead branches. These should be pruned or sawed off to prevent property damage and to keep trees and shrubs healthy.

Finding Professional Help for Your Landscaping

Once all of the preparation is done, all that is left is proper fertilization, edging and planting. Lawn Butler, a company that specializes in landscaping in Utah, suggest having professionals handle edging and landscape design once your lawn is ready for seeding and planting. The preparation that you completed will keep your lawn healthy throughout the growing season. Professional landscaping will make it easier to prep the following year. When everything starts growing in, it will grow in fuller and healthier if the lawn has the proper Ph balance and is free of choking thatch.


It is easy to think that fall cleanup is preparation for spring, but there are too many months between the first frost and the last for that to be enough. Remember to do your spring prep every year and your yard will be healthier and easier to maintain.

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