Ways To Make Your Window Treatments Stand Out In A Room

Ways To Make Your Window Treatments Stand Out In A RoomWindow treatments are not only a functional feature in the home, but also enhance the aesthetics of the space. Whether opting for woven shades or choosing to go with vertical blinds, there are a number of ways to make the product to stand out. Instead of sticking to standard choices, create a high-end look with styles that don’t just blend in, but set the tone of the home.

Use Bold Textures

Bold textures and prints incorporate a pop of detail in the room for window treatments that are dramatic. Use trendy and modern textures that complement the surrounding decor, but still work as a decorative element. It will work as the focal point in the room and will allow the eyes to be immediately drawn to the window.

Use Custom Fit Window Treatments

The most attractive window treatments are those that have a custom fit to the windows in each room of the home. According to Aero Shade Co. Inc., a company that offers shutters in Los Angeles, CA, custom fit window treatments create a professional look that enhance the design of the home. It’s important to find a company that offers custom fit treatments and is experienced in the craft of the product. Aero Shade Co Inc sets themselves apart from other window covering stores with their 50 + years of exceptional customer service. All of the window covering products sold through Aero Shade are custom. “We take special care to work with the customer’s wants and needs and feel that a custom product generally does the job best,” Soulema says.

Choose a Unique Style

Instead of opting for beige shades or basic wood blinds, opt for something unique that is set apart from typical options. Consider installing metal blinds for a modern or masculine style that suits the interior of the home. You can also choose to use stick shades that are more intricate with the design and can establish the style for the property for an organic look.

Hang the Curtains Higher

To make the windows appear larger for a room that looks more spacious, hang the curtains close to the ceiling, which will elongate the windows and create a dramatic effect. The curtain rod can also extend past the length of the windows to widen the overall appearance.


Whether opting for bold prints or choosing custom blinds, there are several ways to enhance the appearance of window treatments and allow them to look decorative in the home. Choosing unique materials and original styles that are not overly common will work to upgrade the home decor and allow it to look professionally decorated.

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