Wear and Tear: Tips for Making an Old Home Look New

You will find a lot of different styles of homes in American neighborhoods. Some of the more classic Victorian style, or Tudor style or Craftsman homes are often timeless in their architectural design. Yet regardless of the home style, it can seem like there are always parts of the exterior or interior that need to be upgraded in order to make your home look new.
Here are some tips that can help create an impression that your home is new, and make your value go up just a bit.

Wear and Tear Tips for Making an Old Home Look New

New Hardwood Flooring has Impact

If you already have hardwood flooring, you know how impressive it can look when it is completely refinished. RC Lees Carpet One Floor & Home says polyurethane coatings can last for a very long time once they are applied. If you don’t have hardwood in your home, consider adding it and pairing it with oriental rugs, another investment that will last your entire lifetime, and likely end up being worth more money than when you purchased them. You might also consider upgrading your vinyl flooring in Spotsylvania and giving it an tiled edge.

Create a State of the Art Entertainment Room

This is probably not so hard for young people to want to put near the top of their list. Just the same, with the convergence of computing and television, it makes a lot of sense to have a room where you can experience the latest types of entertainment technology. Of course it would help your home new if the interior decor could be updated to match the futuristic equipment that you are using within the room.

Get Rid of your Snout, or Other Unwanted Feature with a Makeover

It might sound strange to some, that a garage-first home is ugly. In Portland, Oregon, they banned them a while ago since they are regarded as being so ugly. Also known as a snout home, they are not too hard to redesign. Evening up the front facing square footage, or adding a second floor onto the garage so that the garage blends in are two different options. Other design feature flaws can be smoothed out as well with a little help in design.
If you have a long exterior wall with very plain siding and no features, you can add a garden window or bay window with a seat that provides more profile to the wall and makes it more appealing to look at.
You can also re-side your home in a more contemporary material and pattern while you upgrade your windows to vinyl from whatever they were. Vinyl windows provide better energy performance than aluminum and in most cases look much better as well.

Overall, there are a lot of ways to hide some of the parts of your house that has aged, or not stood the test of time very well. Refreshing your home with a few design covers is one of the best investments you can make.

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