Weathering the Storm: Tips for Maintaining a Resilient Home

Weathering the Storm Tips for Maintaining a Resilient HomeWhen storm season rolls in, it’s important to make sure your home is up to the challenge. By staying on top of certain maintenance tasks all year long, and ensuring that everything is in good repair, you can increase the chances that your home won’t take damage due to strong winds and heavy rain. Here are a few tips to help support your home’s resiliency.

Start with the Roof

The roof is the main area that takes damage in a storm. By making sure it’s well maintained, you can lessen the chance that parts of it will end up in the neighbor’s yard. Making sure all shingles are in place and secured is the first step. If you can, add additional braces and trusses to secure the roof itself, particularly if it is a gabled roof. According to T. Simpson Roofing, you should be sure to secure everything with a special kind of staple commonly used by North York roofers.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Windows can be particularly vulnerable to debris moving at high speeds, especially for older glass windows. The best way to guard them is to install storm shutters. These will protect the glass from debris, or at least slow it down a bit before impact. Double-paned storm windows made of Plexiglas are much more resistant to breaking than traditional windows are. Be sure you are always using the correct materials.

Strengthen the Doors

Most doors do not have strong enough hinges to withstand the full force of storm winds. Without proper securing, they can easily be torn off the frame, especially if the hinges are rusted. Throughout the year, make sure your door opens and closes easily and that it doesn’t catch on anything; if it does, this could be a sign that the hinges are in need of repair. Before storm season arrives, consider installing additional bracing to keep the door in place and helping it resist the wind.

Trim away Plant Life

If you have large trees near your home, be sure they aren’t going to topple into it during a storm. Trimming large branches and hanging boughs that reach over your home is a great way to protect against damage to the trees during a storm. However, it might be beneficial to call in professional help for the largest branches. A trained professional will be able to prevent a do it yourself task from going wrong.

Keeping your home safe and secure during storm season is as much about year round maintenance as it is about proper preparation beforehand. Taking the time to stay on top of these tasks is the best way to ensure that your home and family stay safe.

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