Welcome Home: Five Essentials When Moving Into That New Home

Three Tips for Moving without Damaging Your Home or Belongings1. Vacuum and Mop


A solid vacuum and an easy to use mop are absolutely essential when moving to a new home. An old mop is usually ditched when moving from an old apartment or home, so a new one is critical to purchase right away. If the home has a lot of carpeted areas a carpet shampoo machine can also be purchased. There are also some combination machines that can also vacuum and wash carpet, and these are usually cheaper than buying two separate items.


2. A Good Blender


A good blender should never be forgotten when organizing the appliances for a new kitchen. With a decent blender, a good cook can create everything from sauces to smoothies with a simple touch of a button, and a blender can replace many of the items in a kitchen. More expensive blenders can also replace food processors and make it easy to chop and mince fruit and vegetables on the fly, and even more complex blenders can aid with baking.


3. Extension Cords


When moving into a new place it can be difficult to figure out where the electrical appliances are going to end up. Extension cords are absolutely a must when moving because they enable the appliances to fit in wherever is best for the furniture. Many older homes and apartments have outlets in difficult to reach areas or only have single outlets in each room, and this can require a liberal application of power strips to resolve.


4. Pots, Pans, and Dishes


Pots and pans are a new move essential, and everyone should always have a full suite of cookware. Not only is it more convenient to have a wide selection of pans, pots, cups and dishes, but it also encourages eating in which can save a lot of money versus eating out. Dishes are also some of the items most easily damaged during a move so it can be beneficial to buy a new set when moving or to wrap the old set very carefully and replace any pieces as necessary.


5. Hangers


One thing many people forget when moving is hangers. Hangers get lost and broken during a move, and many homeowners simply throw them out rather than get new ones. When it comes time to put the clothes away this can be a very difficult situation. Extra hangers are cheap and almost always useful, if not right away than definitely in the future. This is especially true if the new place has more closet space than the old.


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