Welcome Home Sales and Management Services

Welcome Home Sales and Management Services specialize in investment property management of small apartment communities, single family houses and duplexes, and historical district housing. Their Main Office is located in the Mid Town Business District of Oklahoma City. Historical District Housing is managed from their Main Office. Satellite Leasing Offices are located on properties throughout the city. Welcome Home Sales and Management Services are composed of Accounting Services, Leasing and Management Services, Maintenance Services, and Investment Property Sales. In order to attract and retain the most professional employees, Welcome Home provides many benefits to its employees including health care benefits. They provide background checks on all employees. Many of their competitors don’t. They try to minimize known risks to the owners. Welcome Home uses licensed leasing agents who utilize their skill and experience to create the best possible match between potential residents and the properties they manage. Their company and their associates are members of the National Association of Realtors, Oklahoma Association of Realtors, and the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors, promoting the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Welcome Home Sales and Management Services

501 N Walker Suite 202

Oklahoma City, OK, 73102

(888) 252-5010


1 thought on “Welcome Home Sales and Management Services”

  1. Floyd Eakle says:

    We leased a home that was managed by Welcome Home Sales and Management Services and in this case I use the word managed very loosely in my opinion here.

    Getting them to do any repairs, well I gave up and did the repairs myself. They seem to exist only to beat you out of your deposits and hit you with fees. our deposits as I recall were along the lines of $2000 plus a $300 pet deposit.

    Our dog never seen the property since we were caring for my elderly mother and were advised the dog would be a fall hazard for her. We never could get the pet deposit back in view of the fact the dog was in Texas with my father in law.

    Their record-keeping is so bad 3 times they tried to hit us with late fees, when in fact we had paid the rent on time. Then the son of the bitches wanted us to spend $5 to get a copy of the check from the bank to “prove” we paid the rent.

    The person who actually owned the home lived in CA. in 2008 when housing took a slide he decided to sell the home. We agreed to allow them to show the home, however they would have to work around our schedule since we were caring for my terminally ill mother who was on hospice care at the time.

    After calling us and being told it wasn’t a good time to show the home Welcome Home Sales and Management Services people entered out bedroom and woke us up to show the home!

    Another time the cock suckers called to show the house, I indicated it was not a good time to show the house because we had plans to entertain guest. Yup! you guessed it in the middle of our dinner party the door bell rang.

    There stood a ignorant asshole from Welcome Home Sales and Management Services with a group of four or five people to show the house. This asshole THOUGHT he could bully us in to allowing them to show the house even tho we were in the middle of a dinner party.

    What this FOOL didn’t realize was I too had graduated real estate school and was aware of the laws as the apply to a property owners “bundle of rights” which are inherited by someone when they rent or lease a piece of property.

    It got so bad we decided to move, when we did the BASTARDS were successful in beating us out of the deposits. Mainly because I was sick, moved out of state, too much trouble to sue the bastards, and it wasn’t feasible to un-leash a scorched earth policy toward them.

    A word for the wise – the trash cans are provided to you by the city or the company that you pay to remove your trash. This represents a contract between you and them and is NONE of Welcome Home Sales and Management Services business and do not have to be sanitized for you to get your deposit back.

    They will inspect the hot water tank in the garage closet for dust before returning a portion of your deposit. Also be prepared to remove all of the windows in the house and remove the dust/dirt that collects in the track before you get a deposit back. And oh yes the legal term “normal wear and tear” mean nothing to them. I expect to get your deposit you’ll have to spend some time in court suing the bastards.

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