Westmark Property Management

Westmark Property Management reviewsWith more than 10 years of property management experience, they are more than ready to work for you in managing your investment property. They can assure you the highest standard of integrity and honest management that you can expect from a property manager. They know what you need and expect from your investments.

Westmark Property Management
5812 64th Street
Lubbock, TX 79424-2702
(806) 794-5800

1 thought on “Westmark Property Management”

  1. Christina says:

    I moved into a property that had gas leak under the house, a broken stove and broken water heater. I did not smell the gas, if my husband had not pushed me to contact ATMOS we would most likely be dead, because I always like to light candles. I did not even get an apology for moving into a house in this condition. They did nothing for me and offered nothing. I was without heat, water and a stove for 4 days. These are just the facts. Make your own opinion about the integrity of this company.

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