What Home Remodeling Projects are Worth Your Time & Money

If you are planning on remodeling your home, it’s important to know which projects will be worth your time by bringing back investment into your house. Even if you aren’t planning on selling any time soon, these remodeling projects will put the money back into your home for many years to come.


New Roof
A bad roof can not only cause damage to your ceiling, but it can let water in that can damage your walls and floors. Repairing your roof is the remodeling investment that could save you thousands in the long run. Bad flashing and roof tiles can let water in when you are least expecting it. If you aren’t sure how old your roof is or what condition it is in, many roofing contractors offer free quotes and estimates and can tell you just about how old your roof is.

Kitchen and Bathroom
Most of your investment will be put back into your home through your kitchen and bathroom. When and if the time comes to sell your home, buyers will look at these two rooms as one of their major decision makers, so putting your renovation budget into them is a wise idea. Investing in beautiful cabinets and countertops, from Nova Scotia cabinet makers like Mike’s Country Kitchens & Woodworking, as well as high end appliances will be your best bet for a high return. Add beautiful knobs and pulls on your cabinets for a cheaper update, and update your bathroom by tiling the shower area, installing a new sink, or adding heated flooring.

Old floors and stained carpeting are a surefire way to lower the value of your home, and having new flooring installed isn’t as hard as some other projects. Restoring old hardwood is significantly cheaper than adding new hardwood, but there are places to get new hardwood at discounted prices.

The exterior of your home is the first things visitors and future potential buyers will see, so it makes sense to put your money into updating it. Add some fresh paint to the exterior and do some minor landscaping, and add emphasis to your front door to draw your visitors’ eyes in. A new or updated walkway in the front will add an extra element.

Some remodeling projects are worth more than others in terms of investment. If you focus more on areas above, you will maximize your remodeling investment.


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