What You Should Know Before Building a Backyard Patio

Regardless of whether you are planning to build a concrete slab patio, a patio comprised of decorative pavers or even a platform-style wooden deck, you understandably want to enjoy wonderful results from your time, money and effort. This may be the ideal space for entertaining, relaxing with your family outdoors and more. It may also add personality to your yard. Before you begin building a new backyard patio, take time to research a few critical factors. By understanding more about these factors ahead of time, you can plan for the proper installation of a quality patio.

The Location of Underground Utilities

Your patio may be partially embedded in the soil, such as if you are pouring a concrete patio. Even a wooden deck will have supporting elements embedded in the soil for stability. Before digging into the ground, research the location of underground utilities. Your utilities service providers may identify and mark the location of underground pipes and wires free of charge upon request. This may prevent a dangerous situation with a ruptured gas line or a stressful situation with your water or electricity services.

The Proximity of Tree Roots

Underground tree roots seemingly play no role in your patio construction project at first glance, and this may be particularly true if the tree is not located close to the work site. However, the current location of roots may impact your ability to anchor your deck or to dig the patio frame deep enough for stability. Tree roots may also grow into the patio within a few years, and this could cause serious damage. Keep in mind that tree roots can spread farther out than its overhead foliage.

The Stability of the Soil

In some locations, soil stability is a true concern. When soil is not firm and stable, there is a risk that the patio may sink or buckle within a few years. You understandably want to avoid having to schedule sunken concrete repair services after installing the patio. Researching soil conditions now and taking essential steps to prepare the ground can reduce this risk.

While you may be eager to start building your patio and to begin using it on a daily basis, you must take important prep steps to ensure that the project is completed without a hitch. These steps also ensure that you enjoy long-lasting use with minimal repair issues going forward. Turn your attention to these factors today to get started.

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