What’s New in Central Florida

It looks like it is going to be a very busy month for the Orlando municipal planning department, as it looks to assess and implement a number of new developmental projects within the region. Several well known developers and city planners have submitted new plans for infrastructural projects within Orlando, that are now pending approval by the State bodies. The purpose of implementing these projects is to spur employment within the region especially with regard to the construction sector.

Orlando Fashion Square

While the entire agenda is still currently unavailable, some minutes of the meeting have been revealed to the public already. The first of these is a proposal to renovate the well-known Orlando Fashion Square. The Square is seeking approval for a change in its master plan. The exact details of the plan have not yet been revealed, but the project is expected to be discussed at an internal board meeting on April 15.

Shooters World Orlando LLC

A second project that is still waiting on approval is that of the Shooters World Orlando LLC firearms store. The organization has created a plan to develop a two-story firearms shop fully integrated with a shooting range. The store is to be located beside Florida’s Turnpike and the South John Young Parkway. The project is said to accommodate for a retail floor, classrooms, a lounge and a shooting range, with Genesis Group being chief project engineers. The project was scheduled to come under review in mid March, but new reports suggest that it will only do so by April.

Housing Communities

Another notable project is that of the Carriage House to Thornton Park townhouses. It is believed that there has been a request to change the overall plan of the neighborhood located in downtown Orlando.

There is more good news for realtors in Orlando. The city is also geared up for a residential park that is likely to have around 100 homes. The park will contain both one and two story homes, ranging anywhere between 1800 and 4000 square feet. Prices will begin at approximately $300,000. The project is particularly attractive owing to the fact that it is bound to create a number of construction jobs, albeit temporarily. Orlando real estate agents believe that this project will boost the city’s real estate market. Moreover, this seems to be only the first phase of a larger project. The entire project is said to incorporate 325 homes within the residential community.

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