White & Katzman Management

Their Mission is to offer a complete range of professional, real estate management services at a competitive fee; to employ knowledgeable, experienced property managers and support professionals, and to develop long-term community plans and client relationships.  Serving the real estate management industry since 1983.  They would like to work for you!

White & Katzman Management

111 Roberts St., Ste G1

East Hartford, CT, 06108

(860) 291-8777


4 thoughts on “White & Katzman Management”

  1. Shaan says:

    I just like to tell everyone to avoid whitz and Katzman management. They are real nice to you until it comes time to fix anything. They will take your monthly rent and even if you are one day left, they will bother the hell out of you. But when it comes time to clean snow, or to fix something forget about it. You just can’t reach anybody. They also get commision from the toe company, so beware of that also. They can get your car toed and then wouldn’t help you at all with anything. If the parking lot isn’t clean and you park an inch off here or there, they will toe the car. horrible experience. Looking for another property to move!

  2. Lynne says:

    I have lived all over the world, and this is BY FAR the WORST property management company I have ever dealt with. I have retained a condo in a complex managed by White & Katzman for more than 25 years, and in that time I have had extended work assignments in various locales: however, every single time I came “home” to my CT condo managed by these bandits, I have found things wrong. I planted a small flower bed around the post lantern in front of my unit – I paid for the flowers out of my own pocket – and their sorry excuse for groundskeepers mowed my flowers down on FIVE separate occasions! When I asked for reimbursement for the flowers after the fifth time, they denied payment. It took them TWO MONTHS to fix a crack in my bathroom skylight after I reported it immediately. And following last October’s snowstorm, they charged every resident an extra $1,000 for “tree removal” on top of the ridiculous condo fees they already charge for ZERO AMMENITIES. CT had one of the mildest winters on recordo following the October blast – hardly any snow removal required at all for the remainder of Winter ’11-12 – and these bandits still had the chops to ask for an additional $1,000 from each resident. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. They are totally unresponsive, cheap, and irresponsible as property managers. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

  3. mike says:

    W&K DON GRABON ……terrible terrible terrible ….stay away and if your already with them start looking elsewhere

  4. Emil Janetz says:

    Don Gabon is an excellent salesman. Delivery is not a W@K strong point. Snow removal takes days. We had a very large assessment, due in 14 days. The amount was $ 1700. and my monthly budget did not allow me to cover it. I wrote a check for a portion and made up the balance with two cash advance checks and I had no other options. Donald Gabon did not want the cash advance checks and insisted on one personal check. He returned all to me. The W and K attorney, Alan Barman wrote me a letter demanding payment. I called Attorney Barman and I explained my side and he told me to sent to him the cash advance checks and my personal check and said upon receiving them, he would take care of the matter and he did. As I said, Donald Gabon is a very good salesman and each successive sale resulted in an assessment for each unit owner, this was in addition to our $ 385 month condo fee. With all the assessments , I was forced to sell and I was not able to afford to remain. This was twenty years ago.

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