Why a Home Stager is Needed to Sell Your Home

Staged living room

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, be sure all its attractive features are ready for public view. The old-fashioned fireplace you fell in love with twenty years ago may need updated decor, and the family room furniture may be looking shabby. But rather than replace items like these before moving, avoid the extra cost of things you might not be able to take with you to the new home and hire a home stager instead.

Professional Décor

Similar to a real estate agent, a professional home stager provides experience and market insight to make your house look better than ever. In fact, your home can be staged to compete with higher-priced models currently being sold in your area. The key is knowledge about interior design and housing market trends. An expert stager can optimize the style of your home by bringing in period furniture, lighting, and decorative pieces that will add zest and interest to the property.

Marketing Experience

In addition to experience with decorating sellers’ homes, a home staging expert has marketing experience. He or she knows that buyers are looking for and how to create desirable effects in your home. Color schemes, trending motifs, fashionable accessories and more are the stager’s livelihood. Tracking current interests in the housing industry, the stager can evaluate your house to offer suggestions for convenient, easy ways to make your home appeal to a wide range of shoppers.

Expansive Inventory

Professional house stagers own, rent, or have access to a full range of home decorating furnishings that can be rented for a modest fee. The pro will recommend fabrics, furniture, and arrangements to make some or all of your home’s most prominent rooms ready for showing by appearing inviting and chic. Everything will be clean and in top condition to make your home look like a model house in a home decorating magazine.

Home Decorating Enthusiasm

In addition to experience, marketing insight, and inventory, a home staging professional is typically passionate about the work. With an artistic eye and a creative mind, your house can become a seller’s dream and attract qualified buyers who fall in love with the décor as much as the home. Quality home decorating can help to prepare your house for a quick sale when it hits the market.

If your house seems to look old fashioned or mediocre, consider hiring a home stager to optimize your home’s potential. With minimal time and cost, your beloved house can be turned into an amazing showcase.

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