Why Building is Better Than Buying

Comparing new buildings to old buildings


You do hear of the old builders around Corpus Christi that lament the days when sub-floors were done with tongue and groove planks, and all lap siding was wood. Yet, as much as you hear of the good ol’ days, modern days are better. Sub-floors are perfectly smooth and can take any type of flooring material. Siding options these days are numerous, and they are better quality than ever. There are more choices in roofing, plumbing fixtures and appliances, and all are better than ever, and improving on a yearly basis. Houses are safer because codes are more stringent. In short, every aspect of modern building has improved.


Newly built homers don’t have old problems


When you buy a home , it is advised that, after you’ve found the one you like, you hire a building inspector to find any hidden problems. These could be anything from faulty foundations to bad venting, an out of date septic system, or even just old inefficient windows that drain your power bill. These problems usually manifest over time. The good thing is, you won’t have to deal with them when you have a house built. In fact, you can inspect every system in your house as it’s going in. With a newly built house, you typically get a one year guarantee. With old second hand houses, there is no such thing.


Pick and modify designs for your own home


When you go to buy a home, there are certainly good new ones on the market already, but for the money, there are usually only two choices. One, get a pretty nice house on a postage stamp yard, or two, get the property and location you want, just to end up with a beat-up old house. Having a home built gives you a third option. Go find the property you want, then, find a contractor and architect to build the house you want. With your input, they’ll build you the bigger bedrooms or second story deck, and trade away the third garage or half a bathroom in a cold basement.


Plan out your own house and property


In Texas, the right house, on the right property, is truly a gem in the world of real estate. Tract homes have an annoying tendency of ignoring the best views when putting in the big windows. They also seem to inevitably put your house on the bottom of a slope making groundwater drain toward the house instead of away. This is because civic planners are more in charge of how a tract home is set than the people who will be living in it. When you have a home built, you can take much more control of all of these issues, and end up with your dream home. MBA Construction is the right company to consult when building your new home. They offer experience and reassurance in a general contract in Corpus Christi.

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