Winterize Your Home: 5 Things to Check Before the Cold Comes

Creating a check list to winterize your home is the most efficient way to insure maximum comfort during long winter months. A check list should contain interior and exterior areas of the home to keep the cold out. There are five things to check before the cold comes. These include:

  • Check exterior windows and doors for drafts and cracks
  • Check roofing and eaves for deterioration and signs of aging
  • Inspect the heating system, vents and air ducts
  • Check interior windows and doors for drafts
  • Check flues and fireplace chimney to insure they are clean and fully functional

Winterize Home

A Check List and Regular Inspections

Using a check list to keep a home or building winterized is a great way to insure all potential problems are inspected. Extreme temperatures create wear and tear on exterior materials like roofing, window and door frames. This is where drafts and loss of heat are most frequently found.


Inspect the Roof

Check roofing, eaves and fascia to make certain there are no cracks or weak spots due to aging. It’s especially important to check for loose and broken shingles and to make roof repairs as soon as possible. With help from the professionals at T Simpson Roofing, you can be sure to get your roof back in working order for the winter. The weight of snow can be deceiving and cause extensive damage to the roof in spots where shingles are broken and missing. Be aware that loose or broken shingles make an ideal attic entry for certain types of rodents like squirrels, raccoons and vermin. Don’t forget to check the attic ventilation louvers inside and out for signs of wear.


Inspect Heating Systems

In the interior of a home or building, the heating system is a major item that should be checked. Ideally, this should be done in mid-autumn before the system is activated for the first time. That way, if the system requires a tune-up or repairs, this can be done without discomfort or loss of heat in colder temperatures. Most of the time, heating systems, vents and air ducts need only a quick vacuuming and sanitizing by professionals, using state-of-the-art equipment.


Drafty Windows and Doors

There are several reasons for drafty windows and doors. A quick annual inspection of interior windows and doors will avoid loss of interior heat and save on energy costs. Check for wear around window and door frames and seals.


Check Flues and Fireplace Chimney

Most furnaces have flues and chimneys that also need to be checked before cold weather begins. Fireplace chimneys should always be cleaned to remove creosote once a season before the first use.


Getting your home ready for the winter is not only cost effective but it’s a wise investment for the longevity of your home.

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