Wisconsin Management Company

Wisconsin Management Company, Inc., founded in 1977, is one of the largest full service property management companies in Wisconsin.  Started by Carl Van Rooy, their portfolio consisted mostly of student housing.  Since then they have grown to represent everything from large apartment complexes, retirement communities, federally assisted living communities, to condominiums, single family homes and their newly expanding resort / hotel divisions. The key to their growth has been their philosophy of “hands on” management.  They deliver quality management with a personal touch.  They set the bar high for themselves, because they know it’s what you expect and what you deserve.

Wisconsin Management Company

2040 South Park St.

Madison, WI, 53713

(608) 258-2080


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  1. T.K.Chapman says:

    Do not use this company to rent your property.

    I contracted with the Milwaukee division of the company and deeply regret it. After ending the contract two months prior, the management informed me that I had 3 days to pay them 2200.00$ or they would place a lien on the property. They insisted that I had been contacted multiple times for non-payment. When I pushed the subject over several emails by asking that these requests for payment be forwarded to me in case they had been sent to spam, they could not provide the information. Instead, they made up an elaborate lie that I had requested a financial statement (which I never received) be sent to my home, and later admitted there must have been a miscommunication.” In fact, the final financial was not emailed to me until the day after they requested the huge payment, and they had no other documentation of attempts to collect monies from me through email or phone.

    The financial conflict is just the tip of the iceberg, I recently visited my property and started to question the management’s work for the entire year. I found that several of the things they charged me for at the beginning of the contract were not done- blinds were not hung, debris in the basement was not removed, etc.

    Currently, the manager insists that the house is in “great” shape for renting or selling, but this could not be further from the truth. The carpet was destroyed by the tenet, the walls were dirty and needed re-painting, a new door was broken, the kitchen and bathroom sinks were leaking, and the bathrooms were filthy. The property received multiple citations from Neighborhood Services about the lawn. The condition of the home was only “rent ready” if someone is a slumlord, which I am not.

    These people do not expect the owners to ever return to the property to check on it. Fortunately, I have friends in Milwaukee who kept an eye on and record of the property.

    Furthermore, the company has refused to send me copies of the invoices for the work they insist was done in the house. In the final invoice they charged me for the management’s gas expenses to and from the property, even though there is already a charge for their services attached to the contract.

    Again, do not use this company to manage your home or other properties. You may be horrified and ashamed at how they represent your interests and far worse off financially.

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