Woodruff Property Management, LLC

  • Green management company –  office is currently 95% paperless.
  • Online Owner and Tenant Portals – you have 24/7 access to your financials and service information.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if they don’t perform you can tear up the contract.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • We never up-charge on invoices or add a fee.
  • Physically inspect all work done by the licensed and insured professionals they hire. They hold sub-contractor’s to their high standards.

1740 Marion St
Denver, CO 80218

Woodruff Property Management

8 thoughts on “Woodruff Property Management, LLC”

  1. A says:

    Woodruff sent someone to meet with us,and she said she needed to research and get back to us with a rental amount. She never called back! 2 weeks went by, and we called the owner of the company. He didn’t seem to be bothered by her behavior at all. He said she was busy with other projects. I guess property owners aren’t very high on the list. We have chosen another company that is much more capable, had much more experience, better rates, and actually called us back.

  2. Terri says:

    I had a similar experience with one of their property managers, Patricia! She came to our home, and ran her fingers over things like she was Mary Poppins or something, and then never called us back. When I did get a hold of her, She was very rude! Don’t deal with these people! They’re awful.

  3. J. Andrew Woodruff says:

    When I get a call from someone who is having trouble reaching one of my brokers I always say that I will contact them immediately and will have them call as soon as they are available as they are probably either meeting with a property owner or showing a property.

    The average property management company in the US answers / returns 60% of their phone calls. In August of 2011 we answered / returned 99.3% of our calls. We answer our phone / return calls / and show properties from 9 am to 9 pm 7 days a week. Most pm firms only answer and do showings during business hours.

    This comment was written on November 8, 2010. Since that time we have expanded and added more brokers to better serve our property owners. Our staff can be viewed at: http://www.woodruffpropertymgmt.com/staff.html

    J. Andrew Woodruff – Managing Broker / Owner – Woodruff Property Management

  4. J. Andrew Woodruff says:

    We are very selective of the properties we manage. Patricia did inform Terri that we were not interested in managing her property. I guess I can understand her lashing out.

    J. Andrew Woodruff – Managing Broker / Owner – Woodruff Property Management.

  5. Billy Mays says:

    Horrible! Maintenance said they would fix things and they didn’t, said that they would call back in a few days and setup a time to fix the rest and never did. I had to call and schedule a time for them to come down and they are late. Now they state they never received proof of renters insurance when we sent it to them by two methods. Don’t bother dealing with this company.

  6. Billy Mays says:

    I’m surprised to see the comment from the owner that they are very selective at which properties they manage because our apartment is in shambles. When we moved in SEVERAL things were wrong, about 5 months later I’m still finding stuff wrong that they should’ve checked themselves. Even the wiring in this apartment is cheaply rigged just to make things work. We had to fix one of the outlets on our own, there is also a crawl space fan that I cannot turn off because it’s wired incorrectly. If I turn it off I end up turning off the power to the entire laundry room as well.

  7. J. Andrew Woodruff says:

    We do not have, nor have we had, a tenant named Billy Mays.

    All service requests are submitted via our Tenant Portals and must be approved by the property owner before work is done. By submitting work orders via the Tenant Portal nothing falls through the cracks. No voicemails are lost, no emails are accidentally deleted. The property owner must approve the work order before we commence work, unless it is emergency service.

  8. J. Andrew Woodruff says:

    We are very selective when choosing which property owners with whom we will work. However, if a property owner has several properties and one was a poor purchase by them, we usually don’t say to the owner: “We will manage these three, but not the fourth.” We cannot re-wire an apartment without owners, and probably the HOA’s, permission unless it is a habitability issue.

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