Yee Haw! Six Tips to Help You Care for Your Country Home

Yee Haw! Six Tips to Help You Care for Your Country Home

Living in a country home is very rewarding when you know how to manage the care of the home. Regular care ensures your home is safe and protected throughout the year by preventing damage from wildlife, pests and other dangers that can ultimately reduce the selling price of the home when left unchecked. Maintenance and upkeep for a rural home is simple after you know the basics.

Lawn Care

A well-kept lawn provides several different benefits for your country home. Dried weeds can catch fire in the warmer months of the year, risking the spread of fire to your home. Arrange for lawn care at least once a month so that excess weeds can be removed and potentially dangerous animals, like snakes, are discouraged from living on your property.

Pest Control

One of the most important things that you can do to protect your home while you are away is to arrange for quarterly pest control services. Setting up pest extermination in Modesto is as simple as choosing a trusted exterminator and setting up regular appointments to catch pests before they damage your home.

Driveway Maintenance

Your driveway should be kept clear of litter, tree and plant debris and smooth enough for emergency vehicles to travel the driveway easily. Check your roadways and driveways at least once a month and hire a road maintenance provider to smooth uneven areas as needed.

Be Prepared

Your country home should be stocked with basic first aid supplies that include bandages, burn ointments and antibacterial ointments. Since it can take emergency services longer to reach homes in a rural area, your preparations can help you manage injuries until the professionals arrive.

Watch for Hazardous Plants

When you live in a rural area, you are exposed to far more naturally growing plants than in the city. Become familiar with any plants native to the region that are poisonous to children or animals and have these plants removed. You may need to check for regrowth as often as once a week to control the growth of poisonous plants.

Know Your Neighbors

When you live in a country home, you will often need to depend on neighbors in various situations. Become friendly with at least one neighbor who can assist you in an emergency situation. This can ensure you and your family have someone that you can depend on when you need assistance. Be sure to provide the same services to your neighbors, as well, when they need assistance. 

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