Your Home Made Simple: Five Things to Get in Order This Weekend

Pressing work and family demands can quickly take up all of a person’s time, leaving little time to spare for tasks around the house. However, when housework remains uncompleted, every other task on a person’s to-do list becomes that much harder. Stop letting your home slowly slip into chaos. Tackle these five tasks this weekend.

Organize Closets

Closets are a common dumping ground for random belongings. Because it is all too easy to just close the door and forget about the mess, closets have a tendency to stay messy too. Instead of dreading the inevitable search and rescue that happens every time you need something you think is buried in one of the closets, take the time to clean and organize your closets once and for all.

Get Rid of Old Toys and Clothes

Once family members grow out of old clothes and kids no longer play with their old toys, these items become clutter underfoot. Go through everyone’s clothes and get rid of anything that is ripped, stained or that no longer fits. Throw out all the toys with missing pieces and donate the ones that are no longer enjoyed.

Organize Storage Spaces

Whether it is in the garage, basement or attic, most families have a place where they keep items they need to have on hand but do not use frequently, such as sports equipment and holiday decorations. Because these items are not used frequently, they usually just make a large mess in a corner somewhere. Organize these items with shelves and totes and you will be able to find what you want when you need it.

Sort Through Paper Piles

If you are one of those people who hesitates to get rid of things you may need someday, you may find you have large stacks of papers lying around. Not only are large piles of paper unsightly, but they make it incredibly difficult to find important forms, permission slips and letters when you need them. Set aside some time this weekend to file papers you do need and toss those you do not.

Get Your Pool Clean

A dirty pool not only robs people of the opportunity to relax in it, but it also negates any relaxing effects of a clean house. American Clean & Seal Pool Cleaning Service not only cleans swimming pools, fountains and concrete floors, but they also specialize in epoxy paints and coatings, leak identification and elimination, and caulking and sealing.


A well-organized and well-maintained home is a pleasant one to spend time in. Take the time this weekend to get your house back in order so you can once again have a sense of peace and relaxation without several tasks looming over your head.

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