Your Home Will Thank You: The 4 Best Gifts You Can Give Your House

DIY at HomeYour home is one of the most important things you own. It makes sense to take good care of that investment and treat it well. There is always something you can do to improve the appearance, safety or energy-efficiency of your home. You do not have to do everything at once if your budget does not allow it. However, by planning home improvement gifts for your home such as the following, you will add value to your investment.

Get Rid of Pests

Spiders, silverfish, ants, roaches and, worst of all, bedbugs can easily infest a home. At the least, bugs are irritating. At worst, their droppings can become airborne with house dust and cause allergies in some people. You can take care of most bugs with over the counter products. To get rid of bedbugs, however, you will need to consult professional exterminators. If you need exterminators who are experts at ridding homes of bedbugs, just search Bed Bug Control in Modesto CA or in your closest city.

Repair or Replace the Roof

A good roof protects the home from rain and from the glaring rays of the sun. Just any old roof material is not sufficient for the latter. When repairing or replacing your roof, add a UV reflective coating to keep your roof cooler. This in turn will keep your entire home cooler, which is better for your home and your wallet.

Weatherproof and Insulate

No season is the wrong season to add insulation and weatherproofing to a home. Insulation is not just for cold climates or cold seasons. Proper insulation and weatherproofing also helps to keep a home cooler in the summer time. Poor insulation and gaps around windows or doors allow indoor, conditioned air to escape and allow hot air in. For best results, do not ignore the attic. A poorly insulated attic is one of the worst culprits for heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Add a New Exterior

A new exterior coating, siding or veneer not only makes your home more attractive, it protects it from the elements. Whether you are using paint, siding or stone veneer, choose the best quality you can find. Whichever you choose should be waterproof and of a color or material that does not absorb heat from the sun.

If you have trouble funding your home projects, consider setting aside a separate savings account that is strictly for home improvement. Before you know it, you will have saved up enough for at least one of the home gifts on this list. 

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