Zeller Realty Group

The Zeller Realty Group philosophy is to assemble a specific team of professionals from within their group of companies for each asset acquired or developed and to provide members of the team with a financial stake in the asset. ZRG encourages decision-making at the property level to the greatest extent possible and with the shortest response time possible. The objective is to incorporate the long-term goals for the asset with the daily decision-making of the individuals personally involved in the ownership of the property. In this manner, ZRG creates a personal incentive for each team member to maximize the long-term goals and objectives of the Business Plan for the asset with the best short-term implementation decision. Each asset has a specific Business Plan created at the inception of the investment and all members of the team are responsible for providing their respective input to the goals, objectives, and assumptions that make up the plan.

Zeller Realty Group

800 LaSalle Ave., Ste. 950

Minneapolis, MN, 55402

(612) 317-2900


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