Zimmer Real Estate Services

Zimmer has been providing property and facility management services to both individual and institutional real estate investors and owner occupants for more than 60 years.  Their commitment to their clients is to provide them with superior service that surpasses the manner in which their real estate is currently managed. The foundation of Zimmer’s business is the satisfactory completion of each assignment in a manner that justifies and warrants our selection for the handling of their client’s next assignment.  They strive to maintain each client relationship over a period of years.  Their facility engineers and skilled technicians hold the required licenses and have the experience to operate the most complex buildings.  Licensing includes Class A Operating Engineer license, Universal Refrigerant Service Certification, and Back Flow Prevention Certification.  Facility expertise also includes electrical troubleshooting and repair.

Zimmer Real Estate Services

1220 Washington St., Ste 100

Kansas City, MO, 64105

(816) 474-2000


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